Design Sprint – accelerating innovation

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Our first Design Sprint Workshop took place on the 6th of April. I had the chance to share with 8 smart and engaged participants my passion and strong belief that Design Sprint can improve our ability to solve problems and innovate.

It was challenging to be able to concentrate the essential of this 5-day process in a 6 hour session, but the truth is that this method itself makes it easy to understand the work process and the results surface as if by magic.

The truth is, it isn’t magic. It’s the result of a proven methodology, systematized by Jake Knapp trough years of experiences and evolving with its’ practice by large communities.

You must read the book: Sprint

We started with an exercise I’ve learned with A&J Smart in a workshop in Lisbon, last year – an individual analysis of your professional life, identifying measures to improve it. This exercise introduced the group to the use of some basic processes of Design Sprint (e.g. “How might we” notation process, choosing a target, note & vote).

After presenting the overall methodology, we chose a challenge (in this case, how to suppress overpackaging of yogurt in supermarkets) and went on to define the challenge, the Design questions, the mapping and finally we created solution sketches..

At the end, we used the note & vote process to highlight what went well and not so well throughout the workshop.

Everybody was very enthusiastic about the future use of the methodology and, hopefully, there will be a follow-up of this event, both with new initiation workshops, meetups, and online collaboration to help us progress in Design Sprint innovation.

On a final note, I would like to thank the invaluable support of Quidgest – a major Software company that, once again,  revealed its Innovative DNA, embracing the launch of this Design Sprint movement in Portugal.

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Want to join the process? Just send a message with your contact. We will keep you informed of the next steps.


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